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Skyhawk Student and Family Resources

In light of the transition to a continuous learning plan, as Skyhawk Staff we wanted to make sure that we were still providing learning opportunities for our students. This page will be updated regularly with a variety of curated resources,  provided by our staff,  to help support your students in their learning mastery. You can also access the resources for March 23rd to March 27th here. During this time please stay safe and healthy and don't hesitate to reach out to us should you have any questions or need additional support. For more information this is a letter to families from Newcomb High School Principal, Jeffrey B. Sagor.

Social Studies

Ms. Palu

If you have any questions or concerns email palus@centralschools.org or instagram at palu_social_studies


AP World History

Go over to Khan Academy here and complete the review for Unit 1! Make sure to take notes and complete the practice questions that go along with it! Finally, make sure you join our Edmodo class with code: jzbmef.

World History

Take notes on this China’s Cultural Revolution PowerPoint. Then read this article  on the Legacy of Mao Zedong (the ruler of China during this time). Here is a link to a video that explains the Cultural Revolution if you aren’t quite understanding it!


Look over this PowerPoint on the different types of businesses in the United States. Then complete this aligned reading and activity.

Ms. Gregoris

If you have any questions or concerns email gregm@centralschools.org or instagram @historywithG

AP United States History, US History, New Mexico History and

Navajo Studies

Letter detailing work for each class

WWII Intro and Overview for NM His

Supreme Court Notes for US His

Supreme Court and Jim Crow for US His


Mr. Wylie

For the most up to date resources, all of Mr. Wylie's students should log on to our google classroom here and enter the respective codes for your class. Intensified Algebra: grnuco2, Algebra 1 Honors: kv34ipz, and Pre-Calculus: hnvq5fv. If you have questions or concerns you can also email Mr. Wylie at wylij@centralschools.org.

Algebra 1 Resources


For Students: 

4/1 Daily Objective: I will be able to graph and solve one step linear inequalities Easy Practice, Medium Practice, Hard Practice, Most Challenging Practice

3/31 Daily Objective: I will be able to solve complex linear equations using decimals and fractions. Easy Practice, Medium Practice, Hard Practice, Most Challenging Practice

3/30 Daily Objective: I will be able to use order of operations and the properties of equality to solve one, two, and three step linear equation problems. Easy Practice, Medium Practice, Hard Practice, Most Challenging Practice

For Families: 

4/1 Interactive math story about division

Article on advice from college math professors to high school math students

3/31 Resource to help incorporate fractions into everyone's everyday lives

Article on the search to solve one of math's greatest number mysteries

3/30 Family friendly baking activity in which the whole family can make salt dough tessellations. Instructions, Video

Article on the mathematics behind juggling

Daily Helpful App:

4/1 Helpful SAT prep app because it's never too early to start preparing for the SAT, Algebra 1 is ~45% of the test for iOS and Android

3/31 Pokemon style algebra game with math duels for iOS and Android

3/30 Candy Crush style game that tests multiplication and division for iOS and Android

Ms. White

 If you have questions or concerns you can email Ms. White at whitc@centralschools.org.

Algebra 2 Resources


Letter to Algebra 2 Students with Video Links

Algebra 2 Assignments

Integer Cheat Sheet

PEMDAS Cheat Sheet

Trigonometry Resources

Letter to Trig Students with Assignments

Trigonometry Powerpoint



Ms. Hill

If you have any questions or concerns email lunts@centralschools.org. All students and families should also sign up to receive texts from Ms. Hill via Remind here for ELA III and ELA I Honors, here for AP Lit and Comp, and here for Ed Methodology.

ELA I Honors and ELA III

Letter detailing work for the class

Q4 Grammar, Style and Conventions Assignment

Journal Assignments

SAT Vocabulary Assignments

Remind App Instructions

AP Literature and Composition

Week 2 of AP Lit and Comp Assignments

Remind App Instructions

Educational Methodology

Week 2 of Ed Methodology Assignments

Personal Professional Plan Essay

Remind App Instructions

Mr. Davis

If  you have any questions or concerns email davie@centralschools.org


Grammar Assignment for All Students


Ms. Manores

If you have any questions or concerns email manor@centralschools.org

Advanced Baking and Cooking

Types of Yeast Dough Worksheet


Sewing Project 1

Mr. Smith

If you have any questions or concerns email smitma@centralschools.org

Beginning Band, Advanced Band, Contemporary Band and Guitar

Complete Lessons 1 - 3 from the Music Basics Lesson on Kahn Academy here

Mr. Buys

If  you have any questions or concerns email buysj@centralschools.org

ELA I Honors, ELA II and AP Language and Composition

Letter with Assignments and Resources for All Students